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10579 Golden Grove Ave, Dyer, IN 46311


MAINTENANCE FREE PAIRED COTTAGE!! Ready to Move IN! St. John with Dyer mailing. 2 bedroom home with a large rec room that could be converted to 3rd bedroom. Save thousands by not having to buy Stainless Steel kitchen appliances and washer and dryer and the water softer is owned and included!! 5 star energy rated, OPEN concept living. Maple recessed cabinets, HI-Mac countertops, bar stool overhang, lazy susan,under mount sink, White trim with 6 panel doors. Kitchen breakfast room – sunroom! Finished laundry room – upgraded lighting, designer paint, 16×10 patio, 10 year transferable warranty! This home has it all!!

Click HERE to view my MLS listing.

Don’t post your MLS on social media :)

Tip of the Day:


If you have a website or don’t have a website you should still be Blogging! or are great ((and)) FREE sites to start!

– The next response i get from people is well, they are not sure what to blogabout. Blog about a New listing you got:

Talk about the listings as if you were talking to someone in person. Describe the home and its features like you would someone calling to inquire about it.

3 Critical Features That Every Post Needs

1) Titles Must Grab Attention

Remember the “best X (home characteristic) in Y (geographic location)” concept when starting your post. This makes it easier to create intriguing titles and showcase your geographic area, which will improve your local SEO. Here are some examples to use as a starting point:

* 10 Provincetown Fixer-Uppers on the Market Right Now
* The Sweetest Cottages in Bar Harbor
* The Hottest Rentals in Chicago
* The Biggest Back Yards in Cambridge
* The Best Roofdecks in Manhattan
* 10 Tahoe Waterfront Properties under $500K
* San Diego’s Least Expensive Beachfront Listings
* 12 North Beach Flips on the Market Right Now
* Most Expensive Apartments on the Market in Phoenix
* 10 Smallest Homes in Columbus on the Market Today
* Boston’s Priciest Condos
* 15 Most Beautiful Pools in Austin
* Biggest Garages in Boise
* Largest Houses in San Francisco
* The Best Ocean Views in Maine
* Homes with the Largest Docks in Biscayne
* The Most Historic Houses in Atlanta

2) Photos Must Be Awesome

This is where you need to put on your art direction hat. When searching your MLS for one of your listings to use, choose only the best and biggest property photos, ditching any image that seems too small, cut off, blurry, drab, or otherwise unflattering. After all, if it doesn’t inspire you, how much do you think it will inspire a potential buyer?

Did you know an article or a Blog or post with images get 94% more total views.”
( also who remembers that app i posted about putting captions and arrows in pictures ) This would be a great time for that!

3) Content Must Focus on Target Customer Niches:

This might sound like common sense, but lots of agents get so focused on attracting attention to their posts that they don’t care who it comes from. If you’re not creating content that reflects both your listings and the consumers who want them, you’re wasting your time. Don’t, for instance, write about flipper properties if your inventory is low or if your commission is nonexistent on those deals. The main goal is to engage your ideal market segments and potential clients. – Benefits!

Benefits You May Not Have Known The URL Shortener Provides


  • URL Customization. When you copy your big link into the shortening field you get a small URL (maybe 10 characters in length) that shows followed by a slash (/) and a bunch of letters and numbers. You can easily though customize those letters and numbers to give a more personal appearance to the URL. For example your URL could be This could be great for branding and marketing purposes.
  • Branded Shortner. To take the URL customization one step further, lets you for free create your own custom domain shortener. You simply register the short domain of your choosing with a domain register, point it to the servers and connect it with a account. Forbes uses Mashable uses Now your company can get this custom virtual “license plate” as well. By adding the domain to would allow every URL from your website that is shortened by a third party to have your custom URL included in it and not a generic URL that starts with
  • Analytics. When you create a shortened URL, you aren’t just created a small character hyperlink; you are also creating new trackable analytics for your link. These analytics are available right from the website. Stats include how many clicks the URL received in the past 7 days, the total amount of clicks it has gotten over time where it was shared (i.e. – Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) the geographic distribution of the clicks and other good marketing related information.

URL shortners, including have a ton of online marketing benefits including branding and market research.

Zillow – Premier Agent App.

Benefits of Zillow Premier App:

*** first before anything ***

Make sure you Zillow feed email matches your company feed email. If your company is using a different email to syndicate your listings to Zillow than the email you used to open your Zillow account it will cause issues such as:

– your listing on Zillow will be delayed

– your listing will not be published to your account

– your listing will not pull the correct information from the MLS. Especially if previously listed. It might showcase old – outdated data.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 1.16.24 PM.png

Drive your listings to the top of search results

  • Show what photos can’t. Video walkthroughs offer unique insight into a home’s features and layout and get double the page views.

  • Adding a video walkthrough notifies hundreds of shoppers and can increase contacts up to 50 percent!!!!!!!!!!

  • Record videos from your smartphone using the Premier Agent App. Simply search for your listing and get started.

Simple lead management

  • Lead notifications and quick-response tools allow you to reach new contacts faster.

  • Update the status and contact details of all your Zillow and Trulia leads in one place.


Don’t have the App? Just click the LINK below and input your cell phone number and it will automatically take you to the zillow APP



 Click VIDEO below to watch!


Trello for Business:


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 12.15.07 AM.png


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 12.29.38 AM.png

Trello for PERSONAL use

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 12.35.20 AM.png

Trello offers not only the ability to categorize your information, store documents and pictures, and create task lists, but it also allows you to share and collaborate with other people on it.

Boards. Trello has a system that took me a week or two getting used to, but it goes in a logical sequence. First, you have an “organization,” which owns a specific board. Second, you create a board. Personally, I have several kinds of boards — some that are deal specific (“123 Main Street”) and some that are much more broad, with potential deals, potential off market deals, rentals, etc. This way I have a lot of information in one place, right there. And don’t forget, you can actually open up the application on your phone, computer, or tablet, and have it all right there.

Once you have built your “board” within Trello, then you can add a list.

Lists. You can add it, name it, change it, whatever you want to do with the list. For example, in our 123 Main Street property, we have a list for “timeline/to dos, finances, utilities, closing docs, and renovation pics.” This is very similar to how I have mine set up. Within those lists, you have “cards.”

Cards. These guys can be used a couple ways. First, you can use them within the list to hold a lot of information. For instance, before I know a deal will be a deal, I will generally put all the information for one property within a Board (potential deals), List (123 Main Street), and Card (all info for subject property). This list includes any information about my offer price, the seller or agent I am working with, as well as pictures of the subject property (I always make the cover photo the front of the house for reference).

If you have a Board that is made up entirely for one property, you can be more specific with your lists (finances, closing docs, etc), and then within those lists are the cards containing the details. You can have a stream of conversation WITHIN a card or as the title of a card. For instance, some cards on deals with partners, we might have the card name as “utilities – (also the card name)” and within that card, there is a conversation back and forth about what is happening on that deal — OR you can simply type the card name as: combo 123. Now when you open up that board/list, you see the card and the information is right there.

Trello takes some time to get used to and understand, but it is well worth the time.

Click HERE or Picture below to download


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