– Benefits!

Benefits You May Not Have Known The URL Shortener Provides


  • URL Customization. When you copy your big link into the shortening field you get a small URL (maybe 10 characters in length) that shows followed by a slash (/) and a bunch of letters and numbers. You can easily though customize those letters and numbers to give a more personal appearance to the URL. For example your URL could be This could be great for branding and marketing purposes.
  • Branded Shortner. To take the URL customization one step further, lets you for free create your own custom domain shortener. You simply register the short domain of your choosing with a domain register, point it to the servers and connect it with a account. Forbes uses Mashable uses Now your company can get this custom virtual “license plate” as well. By adding the domain to would allow every URL from your website that is shortened by a third party to have your custom URL included in it and not a generic URL that starts with
  • Analytics. When you create a shortened URL, you aren’t just created a small character hyperlink; you are also creating new trackable analytics for your link. These analytics are available right from the website. Stats include how many clicks the URL received in the past 7 days, the total amount of clicks it has gotten over time where it was shared (i.e. – Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) the geographic distribution of the clicks and other good marketing related information.

URL shortners, including have a ton of online marketing benefits including branding and market research.


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